Taryn Dryfhout

I am an experienced writer based in Tauranga, with a solid education - including two diplomas, a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a post-graduate diploma and a Doctor of Philosophy currently being completed. I am a registered Secondary Teacher, specialising in English, Religious Studies, Social Sciences and History.  In my time as a writer I have tackled a broad range of writing projects including reviews, blog articles, academic course materials, feature articles, marketing materials, product descriptions and much more. I have worked with people all over the world including Fortune 500 clients as well as many local companies and individuals.  I also have extensive experience in editing, journalism and tutoring both privately and within an academic setting.  I have been a guest writer, ghost writer and editor for published e-books and print books which have been sold in the public market. Recently I also received nominations for “Best Feature Writer,” "Best Feature," and "Best Column" at the ASPA Awards. 




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