Virginia Innes-Jones

Virginia Innes-Jones

Virginia is a born and bred New Zealander of Scottish and Māori (Ngāi Tahu) descent and has always loved writing since she could pick up a pen. From the age of five, she kept a journal and today almost half a century later is still practising this ritual religiously. She uses her inquisitive mind, ever packed with constant curiosity and imagination, complimented with ideas, to create and write.

She is a coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and like her forebear Robert Louis Stevenson, she is a natural Tusitala ‘Teller of Tales’, with a fabulous fascination for the unseen and unexplained, the other worlds – the land of fairytale.

Virginia and her family have lived in the islands of the South Pacific – Western Samoa and the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) off and on for the last 25 years resulting in her strong connection with Pasifika and Māori. Through her Scottish and Samoan cultural links, she has followed closely in retracing the footsteps of her ancestor Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish ‘Tusitala’ by spending a lot of time in his birth place of Scotland and in his resting place of Western Samoa.

She has published books in all genres from rhyming verse poetry to non-fiction and more recently fiction in collaboration with Bach Doctor Press. All books can be seen on When not writing she is helping run a very successful retreat for writers and other guests who enjoy getting away to the coast for weekends and summer holidays. Virginia also writes under the pseudonym of Hinemura Ellison. 

She co-writes a blog called and her published works can be found on


Her qualifications and associations are:

Diploma in Freelance Journalism – NZIBS (NZ Institute of Business)

Member of New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc)

Associate (ATCL) Diploma in Teaching Speech and Drama – Trinity College, London

Licentiate (LTCL) Diploma in Teaching Speech and Drama – Trinity College, London

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL, TESOL) – Trinity College, London

Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management – CIT (Central Institute of Technology), Now Weltech (Wellington Polytechnic) – Three year course



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Waikanae, Kapiti Coast


Sharks with Lipstick

Freshly back from Europe with a new job, Samantha Svensson (Sven) reconnects with her old friends while managing a new role within the Big Super Ministry – where everyone is busy playing their own internal political games.

After the HR Director ends up dead on the same train that Sven was on, suspicions abound, not least from the chief investigating police officer, Charlie Rogers, who happens to be her ex and is still incredibly damned hot!

With Wellington still reeling after a recent big earthquake, Sven must use all her canny resourcefulness to clear her name and identify the killer within their midst.

Sharks With Lipstick is Book One in the Trinity Trilogy

Also available, Book Two - Snakes In Suits and Book Three - Scorpions In Stilettos

Snakes In Suits

Freya returns to Wellington to restore her inheritance, 'Portobello', an Art Deco building in Petone, to her former glory. Only to find dubious dealings with various Snakes in Suits, Lawyers, Bankers, the Council and an unscrupulous property developer who will stop at nothing, even murder, to get what he wants - 'Portobello'.

Freya fights back with the help of her childhood friend Zac - who just happens to be drop dead gorgeous, and Simon her cute Bank manager who is also competing for her attention.

Reuniting with her besties Sven and Clara, together they navigate their chaotic lives, a massive earthquake and help each other to find love and to solve the murders that plague them.

Book Two in the Trinity Trilogy following on from Sharks With Lipstick

Scorpions in Stilettos

Caught in a compromising position, Clara AKA Flat White, the classy, conservative career girl of the Trinity Trio, struggles as her carefully constructed life comes crashing down around her. 

Juggling a complicated love life, a career with bullying managers, a domineering mother and her own demons from the past, may be just a little too much even for her. 

Can Clara recover and navigate her way back with the help of her friends?   

Bernard Winton Johns - Five Decades of his Architecture

This book celebrates the architectural achievement of Bernard W Johns, an architect who influenced and changed the architectural landscape of Wellington and its region, for over half a century. It contains biographical information, photographs, plans and the stories of those who commissioned works by this well known Wellington personality. For over five decades, he was an active commentator on the developments of the region and along with his peers he helped revolutionize the manner in which we all live. In this publication we explore the houses, apartments and commercial structures that this architect designed during his long career. The book is a celebration of Bernard Johns' architecture that we can all enjoy.  

Fabulous Faerie Folk – Discovering a Hidden World

This uniquely illustrated collection of Faerie Folk stories for children and adults, will inspire and transport you into other parallel worlds. As they say you CAN have the best of both worlds!

The secret is 'to be' and to live in the now to enjoy and capture a slice of this uplifting and captivating other world allowing this to live on inside of you.

So come with me and travel to this world that lies so very close to you and within us all.


Illustrated by Edward (Ted) D Hughes.

NEW ZEALAND 'the land of fairytale'

New Zealand 'the land of fairytale' represents my New Zealand and closes the latest chapter of my life. New Zealand to me is the sea, the sun, the seasons and visiting old haunts. This is the old New Zealand and Kiwiana: the Kiwi bach and the untold holidays centred round the beach through a child's eyes.

These and other themes covering fairy folk, the gnomes, elves and pixies are all told in rhyming verse and finish off with a couple of short stories, this time in prose.