Chris Else Discusses Advocating for Writers on Latest NZSA Podcast

“…Any writer that gets more than $500 a year out of the Public Lending Right and isn’t a member of NZSA, is freeloading…”

In the latest episode of the NZSA Oral History Podcast Season 3 we hear from Chris Else.

Chris is a New Zealand author and literary agent. Along with his own writing, and promoting the writing of others, Chris has dedicated much of his life to advocacy work on behalf of New Zealand authors. In the first of two podcasts with Chris, he talks with Deborah Shepard about his long involvement with NZSA.

As NZSA’s board discusses how to reshape for the future, this is a timely look back at the way the organisation has changed and grown from someone who has been there for the long haul.

Chris’s episode, and all in Season 3, are accompanied by a beautiful photo portrait of the writer taken by John McDermott, and hosted by New Zealand broadcaster, NZSA member and author Karyn Hay. Season 3 has been supported by a grant from The Southern Trust.

You can listen to Season 3 and 14 other episodes from writers (both living and dead) from previous seasons on our website, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts (NZ Society of Authors).

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