CLNZ Contestable Fund Grants 2022 – now open for 2022!


Each year a portion of the revenue allocated to the CLNZ Contestable Fund Grants 2022 is made available in a contestable fund.


In 2022, $75,000 is available to support strategic projects that demonstrate New Zealand publishing sector growth. The amount applicants apply for is up to them, with the number of successful recipients varying each year depending on the individual merits of the applications received.

Successful projects will have clearly defined and measurable project outcomes that align with the Cultural Fund’s objectives, including projects that:

  • Develop the professional skills of writers, including those who write for an educational audience
  • Seek to grow export markets for New Zealand published content
  • Demonstrate innovation in the creation and distribution of NZ published content
  • Use online platforms to enhance the profile of New Zealand publishing and/or published content, including to international/export markets

Other projects that can demonstrate a positive impact on the New Zealand writing and publishing industry, and that meet the objectives of the Cultural Fund, will also be considered.

Applications now open APPLY HERE
Applications close 4pm Wednesday 5 October 2022
Application Guidelines and Criteria  Guidelines and Criteria >> (pdf)


Unsuccessful applicants will be advised via email in November. Successful recipients will be contacted directly and we will also publish the announcement on our website and social media pages. In 2021, there were 11 successful recipients, read more here >>

To read more about the Selection Panel members, you can view them here

Helpful hint: Consider reading this ‘Award Alchemy‘ article published in NZ Author Magazine (pdf). The article provides insight into submitting a great application.

How to Enter

  1. All applicants must read, understand and accept the Application Guidelines and Criteria of the CLNZ Contestable Fund Grants before proceeding with an application and to be eligible for a grant. Applicants are encouraged to print or download this document and to refer back to it throughout the application process.
  2. The application process can take some time to work through. Applicants will have an opportunity to save their work and come back to it by selecting SAVE and storing the unique link provided. Before starting your application, please read Section 2 of this document to learn what information will be required, and ensure all supporting documentation required to be uploaded is in pdf format. Please also take note of the file size and word limits when submitting and uploading information.
  3. Before submitting their application, applicants will have an opportunity to review and edit their application by clicking on the BACK button and scrolling back. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited further. A copy of the application will be provided to the applicant.

About the Cultural Fund

The Cultural Fund derives its revenue from a 2% share of domestic licensing income and from overseas revenue that is non-title specific. The Cultural Fund invests in people and projects that meet its objectives to:

  • Protect – writers and publishers’ ability to earn revenue from their works;
  • Support – the creation and production of new works and assist the commercial success of New Zealand works;
  • Grow – the number of works created and skills in the industry


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