CLNZ | NZSA Research Grants – Application Guide and Criteria

Please read this carefully before applying and refer to it while completing the application process. Some aspects of these grants are updated annually, so past applicants are encouraged to read these again in full. Once you do and would like to apply, here is the application form 

The CLNZ | NZSA Research Grants are proudly bought to you by Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) and the New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi o Aotearoa PEN NZ Inc (NZSA) to support New Zealand writers by providing assistance to writers who wish to undertake research for a fiction or non-fiction writing project. 

A broad range of fiction and non-fiction writing projects are eligible for these grants. Applications can be submitted in English or te Reo Māori. 

Works and projects that cannot be considered include: Academic theses or coursework undertaken as part of any tertiary education programme (including coursework in creative writing), scripts for plays, films or other productions including video games. Works or projects with a visual component can be considered if the story is conveyed primarily through the text. Educational books can be included as long as the book is available for curriculum / educational purposes. 

Applications open 10 May 2024 (9am)
Applications close 7 June 2024 (4pm)

Please keep an eye on this page, our social media pages, and (if you are a member) on the Literary Bulletin for updates about the grants. Please note the guide and application criteria may be updated before the grants opens. Ensure you read this thoroughly at time of application.

Four $5,000 Research Grants are available. 

One of the four Research Grants is targeted at diverse writers and diverse and new topics, and writers who propose to write on issues or subjects that are topical in present day Aotearoa.

Submissions for entries must be made online. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised before the announcement. Successful recipients will be contacted directly and will be publicised widely through CLNZ and NZSA media channels.

Section 1.  How to enter

  1. All applicants must read, understand and accept the information, terms and conditions within these CLNZ | NZSA Research Grants Application Guide and Criteria. You are encouraged to print or bookmark this page and to refer back to it throughout the application process.
  2. The application process can take some time to work through. You will have an opportunity to save your work and come back to it. Before starting your application, please read Section 2 of this document to learn what information will be required, and ensure all supporting documentation required to be uploaded is in pdf format. Please also take note of the word and page limits when submitting and uploading information.
  3. Before submitting your application, you will have an opportunity to review and edit your application. Once submitted, the application cannot be further edited. A copy of the application will be sent to the email address supplied.
  4. A $25 application fee is required to confirm your application.

Section 2.  What information will you need to provide?

You will be asked to provide the following:

Applicant details
• Full name
• Postal address
• Email address
• Phone number
• Responses to some general questions including ethnicity, gender, age and iwi affiliation (this will allow CLNZ to assess the reach of applications and diversity of applicants. This information will only be used in an anonymised format and will not be submitted to the selection panel).

Project details
• Title of project
• Summary of project (300 word limit)
• Outline of the research required for this project (that this grant would be used for) (300 word limit)
• Have you carried out or published any previous work on this project?
• Do you intend to apply, have you already applied, or have you received any other grants/awards in connection with this project? (if yes, you will be required to supply further details)

TIP: It may be useful to have answers written in a separate word document that can be copied and pasted to the online form so that you have time to edit thoughtful answers.

Supporting documentation
Applicants will be required to upload supporting documentation during the application process. These documents must be in pdf format and not exceed the page limits stated.
• Sample of writing – from proposed work or from an alternative work in the same genre (5-10 pages maximum)
• Curriculum Vitae – to include a summary of your achievements as a writer, and any published works (maximum 3 pages)
• Expressions of interest – provide copies of letters or emails received from publishers (maximum 3 pages). Please note this is not a mandatory requirement.

Section 3.  Acceptance of grant

If successful, applicants acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. The research grant will be used for the purpose/project for which it was granted.
  2. Recipient will participate in any media exposure reasonably requested by CLNZ or NZSA and provide a photograph for publicity purposes.
  3. Acknowledgement will be made in the resulting publication(s) produced by the recipient and a complimentary copy provided to CLNZ. Specific reference: Recipient of a 2024 Research Grant from Copyright Licensing New Zealand and New Zealand Society of Authors. The acknowledgement needs to feature in the imprint, together with the CLNZ logo. CLNZ Grant Acknowledgment Guidelines for recipients
  4. In the week of the announcement of the Research Grants, the recipients will be paid $5,000 (by direct credit to a nominated bank account). The nominal period for the Research Grants is January to December in the year following the grant being made. Any variation to this timeframe will need to be agreed, in advance, with CLNZ. Applications must be for work that has not yet been completed and costs that have not yet been incurred.
  5. A project completion report must be provided to CLNZ within 12 months of the research grant being awarded. This report should be submitted electronically and detail the outcomes achieved from the grant, in line with what was applied for and/or an explanation of variations from the original project plan.
  6. I acknowledge that CLNZ reserves the right to modify or withhold any payments to be made under this grant or to require a refund of all or part of the grant funds, if it, in CLNZ’s sole discretion, deems that:
    a. The recipient has not fully complied with the conditions of this award;
    b. The recipient’s actions, whether intentional or accidental, have or may, bring CLNZ, NZSA and/or the Research Grants into disrepute.
  7. Any taxes (including any income tax, GST and any others) that may be due in relation to my receipt of the research grant is the responsibility of the recipient.

Section 4.  Eligibility and conditions of entry

  1. The applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that their entry meets the eligibility and conditions of entry outlined here. Any queries regarding eligibility including interpretation of eligibility, conditions of entry and selection criteria should be directed to 
  2. Applicants must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  3. Applications must be for work that has not yet been completed and costs that have not yet been incurred.
  4. Applications may be made by joint authors, however one author must be named as the Lead Author and be the “Applicant” for the purposes of awarding the grant and who will also be the grant recipient. CLNZ and NZSA will not be involved in, nor responsible for, any agreements, negotiations or disputes between joint authors.
  5. Applications for projects of national or significant local interest or which add significantly to the field or genre on the subject will be favoured by the selection panel.
  6. Submissions for entries must be made online and are open from 9am 10 May until 4pm 7 June 2024. Once your entry has been submitted, you will receive confirmation to the email address supplied.
  7. If, in the opinion of the selection panel, there are not four entries worthy of research grants, fewer grants may be given.
  8. The selection panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Any attempt to contact members of the selection panel will render the application ineligible.
  9. Successful recipients will be contacted directly, announced mid-year and will be publicized widely through CLNZ and NZSA media channels.
  10. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised via email to the address supplied. It is not possible to provide individual feedback to applicants.

Application form for the CLNZ | NZSA Research Grants is available here