Deadhead & Neands Double Trouble Launch – Sunday October 18






“Scott Pearson provided the skilfully-drawn ‘graphic replays’, the double-page comic art panels which offer brief summaries of each section of the story about every three chapters. These black and white illustrations are in the best traditions of the horror comic format. Deadhead is not for the faint-hearted but offers lively dark humour and stylish writing. It is ideal for someone with a 14-year-old sense of humour.” – Trevor Agnew for The Source

The story starts with the death of Constable Garrett… and continues with his resurrection as a conscious cyborg initially controlled by Spenser Langley aged 13. Spencer is an inventor, entrepreneur and car thief. Things get even more complicated with the introduction of sinister criminals and Garrett’s cop ex-partner. Includes graphic replays every third chapter to aid comprehension and for entertainment.

AUTHOR:  A former policeman, screenwriter and author, Glenn Wood lives in New Plymouth. He has NZ film credits to his name including The Catch, directed by Simon Mark-Brown.

GRAPHIC ARTIST:  Scott Pearson completed a Bachelor of Media Arts where he did illustration and computer-based graphic design. His style is very adaptable and experimental.

Cover design by Scott Pearson and Otis Frizzell.


 “This book is perfectly pitched to its audience, the climate change generation. I can imagine it garnering Ted Dawe-like levels of hate from certain right-wing groups, due to its placement of (most) religion as base and self-serving, and I really enjoyed it. It is well-paced, controlling the emotions of its readers well, and hope is provided by the love story that grows throughout the overall narrative.” – Sarah Forster at The Sapling

What if evolution got it wrong and the human race was threatened at the very core of its DNA? Charlie (14) is living in a time when a strange virus is affection sections of the Homosapien race. They are becoming more hostile, more aggressive. It seems there is a throwback to the Neand gene that is being transmitted by a virus and altering people’s DNA.

As his parents, schoolmates, friends and authority figures succumb to the virus or disappear, Charlie and his friends undertake a dangerous journey to find some answers.

AUTHOR: Dan Salmon is a screenwriter, producer and director of Octopus Films. He has interviewed authors at the Auckland Writers Festival and connected across the screen and literary arts. This is his first novel for young adults.

COVER ARTIST:  Tim Christie is a New Zealand-based designer, artist and entrepreneur. He has developed some of New Zealand’s most iconic brands and his work has featured in New Zealand and Australian design awards and has been published internationally. Neands is his first book cover.