Have Your Say on Sustainable Creative Careers!

Last year Creative New Zealand and NZ On Air engaged research company Colmar Brunton to survey a range of creative professionals, aged 16 and over, who earned at least some income from their creative work, on aspects of their creative careers. They published the research in May this year, identifying three joint priorities for future action:
1.    Fair reward.
2.    Sustainability.
3.    Emerging creative professionals.

As part of their ongoing engagement to address the findings, they’d like to hear your thoughts on the research and potential next steps in this area.

You may want to mention that funding for NZSA is key to creating opportunities for creative professionals through mentoring and assessments and other professional development events; through prizes and awards that we administer and that advocacy for increased and sustained investment in the Public Lending Right, and introduction of an Educational Lending Right, is part of our work on behalf of writers to campaign for fair reward for writers.

The Horizon Research survey for 2018 that canvassed all our membership and others from the Writers Guild put the average author’s income at $15,600pa which is well below the living wage.