Learn to Write Good creative writing classes

Best Selling author (Iceland, Poor People With Money), poet and playwright Dominic Hoey has been running his Learn to Write Good creative writing classes since 2015, teaching hundreds of students around the country. The courses explore tips and techniques learned from 30 years of writing prose, poetry, theatre and music. Classes are relaxed, with a focus on nurturing creativity. Writers of every description have come through the course including rappers, novelists, poets, genre writers, playwrights and journalists.

The class is open to writers of all disciplines and skill levels, including people with learning disabilities and little or no formal education. Dominic is dyslexic and largely self-taught, and believes that this is no barrier to becoming a great writer.

Each course is six hours long and runs both in person and online. It’s $200 for both days. Aside from introducing yourself at the start of the course, people are not expected to share if they don’t want to. People with anxiety are welcome to leave their cameras off during the zoom classes.

Upcoming Courses 

25/26 February – Poetry Course- 1030am-130pm

This course covers dialog, character, plot and a bunch of other helpful tools to give students a good base for writing short stories and novels.

11/12 March – Prose Course – 12pm -3pm

In this course we go over a number of different poetic techniques, including metaphor and imagery, poetic structure, editing and rhyme. 

25/26th – Beginners Course 1030am-130pm

This course covers the fundamentals of good writing. Regardless of whether you write prose, poetry, plays or songs, it is vital to have a good base to build your writing practice.

Head to his website to book a space – https://www.learntowritegood.co.nz/shop