Writing in the Present Moment

A Writing Workshop with Richard von Sturmer

Being attentive to the present moment, to the natural world and to our own nature, is essential for good, poetic writing. In this workshop we will explore haiku and tanka, forms of Japanese poetry now widely practised in the West. Writing haiku gives us a way of responding to what is happening around us, while tanka adds a personal, imaginative dimension. As part of the workshop we will also look at key aspects of Japanese poetry such as yūgen (mystery and depth), sabi-wabi (the transient and the imperfect) and mono no aware (a deep feeling for the things of this world).

Richard von Sturmer is a long time Zen practitioner and an acclaimed New Zealand writer, poet, lyricist and performer. He is well known for having written the lyrics to Blam Blam Blam’s  ‘There is No Depression in New Zealand’, which has become the country’s alternate national   anthem. His poetry has been included in An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry (Oxford University Press, 1997) and Best New Zealand Poems 2003, 2006 and 2008. Seven collections of his writing have been published. In 2020 he was the University of Waikato’s writer-in-residence.

                           There are limited places, please register early.

Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Time: 10.00 – 1.00 pm (If you like, bring lunch and stay on at the Hall a while, after the workshop)

Cost: $30

Venue: Calliope Scouts Hall, 25 King Edward Avenue, Devonport

Registration and Further Information: please contact Beth on 0284-357-303 or bethheartwood@gmail.com