Flash Frontier: April 2019 Issue – LOVE


The Muslim Women Who Raised Us – Mohamed Hassan
How to Tell a Story from the Heart in Proper Time – Riham Adly
Rapurapu/ Searching – Tania Roxborogh
The Clock in the Cul-de-Sac Marks the Time – Claire Beynon
We followed the voices – Marjory Woodfield
Towards balance – Anita Goveas
The Only Person on the Bus – Madeleine Marie Slavick
Burt and us – Rob Walton
Home – Feroz Ahmed-ud-din
Bloom – Kari Nguyen
Heavy Lifting – Heather McQuillan
Bridging the gap – Sandra Arnold
I am Halmoni – Maggie Rainey-Smith
All my olives – Linda Collins
Angelica’s baby – Jeni Curtis
The Girls – R. P. Wood
Love is an Infinite Victory – Catherine McNamara
Footprint – Helen Yong
The Weight of Love – Andrew Salomon
Turn – Emma Neale
The Kauri as Metaphor for Love (after Amelia Gray) – Andrea Ewing
Landing – Piet Nieuwland
mittens – Vivienne Plumb
The garden’s been a loss this year – Carolyn Oliver
How to Mend a Broken Heart – Rachel Smith
Puku – Renee Liang
when you live nudging the sky – Raewyn Alexander
Untitled – Koenraad Kuiper
Suburban Xanadu – Anita Arlov
Hollow Bones – Jessica Mehta
Chopper – Jane Percival
Universal Speak – Wiebo Grobler
Shooting Star – Daren Kamali
Aroha – Teoti Jardine
Days of Darkness – Jan Hutchison
Skies – Rayna Haralambieva
Colours – Nod Ghosh
Cut a sailor suit – Reihana Robinson
Hoarding Love in the Garage – Sandra Hamilton
A Haircut (after Raymond Carver) – Lincoln Jaques
Gavagai – Chelsea Ruxer
Our Souls Are Stars – Lola Elvy
Solidarity for the fallen – Sarah Ahmed
Reading Between-the-Lines, Miss Flora Florentine – Michael Harlow
Night Nurse – Owen Marshall
My Last Service – Michelle Matheson
Love Letter to our Future Robot Overlords – Simon Chun Kwan Chui
What’s Good about Having Names? – Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou
Shades of Absence – Patricia Prime
Bloom – Keith Nunes
Only the Heart – Mary Byrne
The Tin Box – Henry Bladon
Love is in the air – Jan FitzGerald
Neighbours – Nick Fairclough
The Trapezist Learns To Fall In Love – Jesse Bradley
Saint Jean – Mark Crimmins
After Al Noor – Helen McKinlay
Chowder – Cris Cucerzan
April Features
Selected Authors’ Commentaries
Ru Freeman: New Poetry and Photographs
K?rero: Tania Roxborogh
Artist Commentary: Claire Beynon, Many as one
Art: Gaylene Barnes, Compassion Expansion

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