Innovative IPEd and VenX partnership connects authors with professional editors

The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) is excited to announce an innovative new partnership with VenX that will connect aspiring authors with professional editors. The partnership ensures self-published authors have access to expert and experienced editing – the often hidden, yet essential part of the publishing process.

With the self-publishing market growing, IPEd CEO Karen Lee said it was an opportune time to partner with VenX.

“Editors are always at the forefront of change in the industry and at IPEd we are always looking at how to best position the profession and provide benefits to our members.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with VenX to connect their writers with our professional editors.”

VenX founder and CEO, Jane Curry described the partnership as “exciting and important” and added that partnering with IPEd was an easy choice for her.

“IPEd is a fantastic organisation; I was so impressed with the professional standards and the training.”

VenX is a membership-based digital community for aspiring writers with an inbuilt self-publishing platform. Along the pathway to publication, Jane said authors must necessarily make “certain pitstops” and that “the first pitstop is very much to get that high-level editing.”

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