Landfall and non/fictionLab announce collaboration for 2024

Otago University Press is excited to announce that Landfall and RMIT University’s non/fictionLab are coming together to commission a series of essays on the topic of ‘making space’. The essays will be trans-Tasman collaborations; each will include at least one writer with connections to Aotearoa and at least one with connections to Australia.

Up to ten essays will be published as special features in Landfall’s 2024 issues alongside the regular offerings of new fiction, poetry and art from new and established writers in Aotearoa. Landfall editor, Lynley Edmeades, and the co-directors of non/fictionLab, Jessica Wilkinson and Brigid Magner are calling for essay proposals that open up conversations about what it means to use writing as a tool to make space for different voices, perspectives and ideas.

‘How does writing make space? How do we make space for writers and writing that is not often celebrated? How do we share space equitably? How do we make space for generational shifts and changes? How do we make space for other voices? How do we make spaces more accessible? What are different ways to ‘take up space’, individually and/or collectively? What makes a space into a place?’ Edmeades says that this is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen creative and literary ties between Aotearoa and Australia. ‘There are so many great writers on both sides of the Tasman, and we have started to wonder what would happen if we put these writers together. What kinds of conversations are happening in both countries? What do we share? What can we learn from each other? What happens when writers from the two countries come together on the page?’

Edmeades also says that this is the first time that Landfall has commissioned creative non-fiction and published it in a series in collaboration with another creative group. She hopes that this collaboration will open new doors for writers in Aotearoa. ‘The impetus behind it is twofold: to shine a light on the new wave of essays being written in both Aotearoa and Australia, while also, hopefully, increasing the diversity of voices that are collected in the issues. The theme for this series, ‘Making Space’, was chosen with this in mind—making space for new ways of writing and making space for new voices.’

‘We hope it will be the start of a great collaboration that could build and evolve, using Landfall’s platform as a starting point. Historically, both Australian and Aotearoa writers have looked towards the Global North for literary and creative conversation. In the wake of the pandemic, and in the face of global climate change, it feels timely to be looking closer to home for these kinds of conversations. We hope this collaboration will enable connections between writers in both countries and, in turn, allow us to write our way into a greater sharing of knowledge.’

How to submit
To submit your expression of interest please present a single 250-word abstract that proposes a collaboratively-written essay in response to the above brief and include a 25-word bio for each author. It is up to you to select and invite your proposed companion author/s, and ensure that they are willing and available. The first set of essays will be due February 16 at the latest. Please indicate in your EOI if you are able to make the February deadline.

Please send your EOI via email with the subject title Making Space: new essays series EOI to and by Thursday 30 November 2023.
Decisions will be made shortly after.
Otago University Press

November 13, 2023
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