NZ Bookshop Day October 1-8, 2022

It’s on! In celebration of NZ Bookshop Day 2022, Booksellers Aotearoa is hosting a nationwide bookmark treasure hunt, 1-8 October 2022.

     More Here:  NZ Bookshop Day : Booksellers NZ



• Only one entry per person, per day through bookmark hunt at one location/ bookstore.

• Only one entry per person, per day through in-store purchase at one location/ bookstore.

• This means that one person has two methods of entry per day at one location, but may move to another location/ bookstore to enter again.

• More the entries, higher the chance of winning!

About NZ Bookshop Day

The first NZ Bookshop Day was in 2015 when Booksellers realised that the narrative around bookshop and book industry health had become negative and needed

to change. Since the end of the GFC in 2011, the number of independent bookshops in Aotearoa has continued to rise, a trend that we are still seeing today. Local bookshops have become community centres and attract customers back to bricks-and-mortar retail supporting their neighbourhoods. NZ Bookshop Day celebrates those achievements and welcomes readers back inside their local bookshop.

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