NZSA Oral History Podcast Season 5 finishes with Fleur Adcock

In 2019, Deborah Shepard travelled to England to spend two days recording the oral history of writer Fleur Adcock.

Fleur Adcock lived between New Zealand and England for many years. Although Fleur settled in London in the 1970’s, she is still published here and we still regard her as ‘one of our own’.

In the final two episodes for this season Fleur talks about her life in New Zealand, and going to London where she was finally able to become a fulltime author, including the editing of several well known anthologies:

“I got into a lot of rows because everything gets personal in New Zealand, everyone has axes to grind…my only criteria in an anthology is that it has to be good – good of its kind, it doesn’t have to be my cup of tea…”

The second episode with Fleur, and the last for the season, is out today.

All episodes from this season, and all season, are available on  on our websiteGoogleSpotifySoundcloud, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts (search ‘NZ Society of Authors’). We have a great back catalogue for you to explore, so make sure to explore.

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