‘PEN International: An Illustrated History’ awarded Best Book of the Year at Frankfurt

PEN’s Centenary book has been awarded the Kiran and Pramod Kappor Prize as the Best Book of the Year in all categories and by unanimity of the judges from the Motovun Group of International Publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week.

Edited by Carles Torner and Jan Martens, the authors of PEN International. An Illustrated History are Ginevra Avalle, Jennifer Clement, Peter McDonald, Rachel Potter, Carles Torner and Laetitia Zecchini. The book was presented to the PEN membership at our PEN International Centenary Congress in September.

Published as part of PEN International’s Centenary celebrations, PEN International: An Illustrated History is the extraordinary story of how PEN has placed the celebration of literature and the defence of free speech at the centre of humanity’s struggle against repression since 1921.

The book takes the reader through the key moments of PEN’s history over the last 100 years, in 320 pages and more than 500 pictures, letters, documents, posters and maps.

 The book is available on the PEN International website here.


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