Robert Lord’s worker’s cottage in Dunedin is run as a rent-free residency for writers.

When co-founder of Playmarket, Robert Lord, took up a Burns Fellowship at Otago University in 1987, he bought his first home – a small cottage close to the university and the town centre of Dunedin. His tragically few years in Titan Street were happy and productive ones. Before he died Robert put in place a plan that the cottage would become a home for other writers who choose to come to Dunedin to write and a Trust was established to administer the plan.

Today, as was his plan, Robert Lord’s worker’s cottage (three furnished rooms and a courtyard garden) is run as a rent-free residency for writers.

To date, playwrights who have lived and worked there include Gary Henderson, Renée, Jan Bolwell, Vanessa Rhodes, Vincent O’Sullivan, Branwen Millar, Paul Rothwell, Rochelle Bright and Kip Chapman.

To apply please email here with your cv and a statement of the project you propose to work on and why Dunedin is a suitable venue for the project

Applications close 26 November 2021. 

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