Tauranga Writers inc – call out to past members

TAURANGA WRITERS INCORPORATED was established on 21st June 1967 when Edna Pithie and Verna Dowrick instigated the first meeting of what was then the Tauranga Writers Group, which met in the Sunhaven Motel in Cameron Road that Edna was managing at the time. The group continued to meet there for some months after that first enthusiastic get-together, and has grown over the years into a mature and independent body that continues to embrace writing as a craft that can bring pleasure and profit to the committed.

So next year – 2017 – is our 50th anniversary, our Golden Jubilee, and we are eager to hear from anyone who at any time was once a member of Tauranga Writers. We are longing to include you in the history of our first half-century we’re planning to publish, and to know what you’re up to now. We still have one member who joined that many years ago and has continued to subscribe although she now lives in Coromandel, and because of her advanced years, rarely joins us. However, she is still writing!

For the record, others known to be present at that inaugural meeting were Susan Dassler, Des Hall, Christine Jefferson, Kim Rosenbaum, Anthony Sorich, Isabel Taylor, Joyce West and Nell and Owen Williams.

If you were a past member, please get in touch with us now. We need your input.

Jenny Argante, President, Tauranga Writers Inc.
taurangawritersnz@gmail.com    Tel 022 053 48 68     www.taurangawriters.org.nz

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