The Author – August/September 2013

  • Work & Play at the AGM – the editor’s brief version of valuable learnings and fun times at the AGM in Dunedin in early June.
  • President’s Report – in between sampling delights of German food and beer, Kyle Mewburn gives his thoughts on the way ahead.
  • Success and Blistering Controversy for Ted – Ted Dawe’s book Into the River was the outstanding success of the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards but also aroused a storm of criticism.
  • NZ Post Children’s Choice Awards – NZSA sponsors the Children’s Choice category of the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards.  Who were the popular winners in 2013?
  • Achieving Success through E-books – Chair of the Waikato branch, Julie Thomas, has achieved outstanding international print success through her e-book The Keeper of Secrets.  Julie explains the process she recommends for publishing to e-book.
  • Productive Times at Golden Yarns – Golden Yarns, the Children’s Writers & Illustrators Hui 2013, was held in Christchurch over Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Diana Menefy from the Northland branch was a participant.  This is how she saw it.
  • Keeping in Touch at the Top of the South – often with big distances between them at the Top of the South, the region’s authors have special challenges when it comes to keeping in touch.  But as Dot Scott explains, they manage it pretty well.
  • Frankfurt and Beyond – at the AGM in June, CEO Maggie Tarver delivered a far-reaching address – from what was learned at the Frankfurt Book Fair last year to what she sees as dramatic changes in the world of publishing.  In this abridged version, she says those changes must necessarily affect most authors and the NZSA.
  • Personal Viewpoint – Renee Liang writes about her role in a ground-breaking Auckland Council-induced scheme to bring recent kiwi women authors together – both encouraging their writing and for mutual support.