We Create – New sector data from Manatū Taonga/MCH and Infometrics!

The MCH/Infometrics profile as at March 2022 has now been updated to include new industry and occupation codes (please see below). These additions have increased the total number of jobs, businesses and GDP contribution of the sector according to government data to almost $15bn! That’s bigger than agriculture!

These changes are due to a redefinition of the profile inputs, and not growth in sector economic performance. The MCH Arts and Creative Sector profile now represents a slightly larger component of the total New Zealand economy, and we will be using this data in our Briefing to the Incoming Government.

As at March 2022:

– GDP to March 2022 $14.914bn – 4.17% of NZ’s total

– 12 month GDP increase 10% vs 5.3% for total economy

– Total (primary) employment 115,114 – 4.3% of all NZ employment

– Number of businesses 35,955 – 5.7% of all NZ businesses


New industry and occupation codes in the profile

  • Motion Picture and Video Distribution
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Free-to-Air Television Broadcasting
  • Cable and Other Subscription Broadcasting
  • Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
  • Video and Other Electronic Media Rental and Hiring
  • Arts Education
  • Performing Arts Venue Operation

New Occupation (ANZSCO) codes in the profile

  • Arts administrator or manager
  • Cinema or theatre manager
  • Archivist
  • Gallery or Museum curator
  • Conservator
  • Historian
  • Community arts worker
  • Gallery or museum technician
  • Light technician
  • Make-up artist
  • Sound technician
  • Television equipment operator
  • Gallery or museum guide
  • Librarian (also added to Libraries and Archives profile)
  • Library assistant (also added to Libraries and Archives profile)
  • Library technician (also added to Libraries and Archives profile)
  • Archaeologist

Also noting the usual caveats: The profile doesn’t include some contractors or people who undertake secondary employment in the arts and creative sector. Also, the ANZSCO and ANZSIC codes do not fully capture some newer areas of creative employment and business activity, such as the gaming sector.


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