2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards Finalists

Finalists for the 2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ).

NZSA congratulates our many members in this list of 2020 finalists.

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction Fantasy

Best Novel

Best Youth Novel

Best Novella/Novelette

  • From a Shadow Grave, Andi C. Buchanan (Paper Road)
  • “Hunger’s Truth”, A.J. Fitzwater (Gigantosaurus 4/19)
  • We All Fall, Helen Vivienne Fletcher (HVF)
  • Would She Be Gone, Melanie Harding-Shaw (self-published)
  • “Ventiforms”, Sean Monaghan (Asimov’s 1-2/19)

Best Short Story

  • “Work and Income Gothic”, Jack Remiel Cottrell (Flash Frontier 12/19)
  • “The Fisher”, Melanie Harding-Shaw (Newsroom 10/5/19)
  • “A Shriek Across the Sky”, Casey Lucas (Sponge 5/5/19)
  • “Chasing Oumuamua”, Sean Monaghan (Asimov’s 5/19)
  • “Losing Face”, Lee Murray (Tales of the Lost, Volume 1: We All Lose Something!)
  • “Proof of Concept”, James Rowland (New Myths 12/19)

Best Collected Work

Best Professional Artwork

Best Professional Production/Publication

Best Dramatic Presentation

Best New Talent

  • Melanie Harding-Shaw
  • A.J. Lancaster
  • Denika Mead
  • Stephen Mulholland
  • Sascha Stronach

Best Fan Production/Publication

  • Consequence LARP
  • GeyserCon con book
  • Phoenixine
  • Plant Life

Best Fan Writing

  • “Welcome to the Con”, Grace Bridges (GeyserCon con book)
  • SITREP, Alex Lindsay (Phoenixine)

Best Fan Artwork

  • “Wandering Wild”, Michelle Kan
  • “Aliens vs Geysers”, Kat Oliver
  • “Deet”, Laya Rose
  • “Wilder Girls”, Laya Rose

Services to Fandom

  • Grace Bridges

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

  • Melanie Harding-Shaw

Winners will be selected by members of SFFANZ and CoNZealand, the 78th Worldcon (the first ever “virtual Worldcon”) and will be hosted online by The Fantasy Network July 29 – August 2, 2020. Nominated works can be downloaded by SFFANZ and CoNZealand members.

For more information, see the SFFANZ website.

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