Edmeades’ first Landfall is full of treasures and announcements

Landfall 242 is the first edition from new editor Lynley Edmeades, who is the author of two poetry collections and teaches poetry and creative writing on the English programme at the University of Otago.

‘I was really impressed with the overall quality of the submissions,’ she says. ‘I’m excited to be at the receiving end
of new writing in Aotearoa, and look for- ward to showcasing the richness and diversity of voices we have.’

For more from Edmeades on what we can expect from Landfall 242 and beyond, visit here.

Competition winners:

Kathleen Grattan Award for Poetry 2021 winner: Michael Steven for his manuscript Night School

Landfall Essay Competition 2021 winner: Andrew Dean for his essay ‘The New Man’

Caselberg International Poetry Prize 2021 winner: Sophia Wilson for her poem ‘Sea-skins’

Cover art
This series by Conor Clarke was made in collaboration with members of the blind and low-vision community. Each work begins with a description of an outdoor experience as it was recalled to the artist. These descriptions can be listened to via audio narration through attached QR codes.

ART: Conor Clarke (cover), Zina Swanson, et al. NON-FICTION: Diane Comer, Andrew Dean, Melody Nixon, Sarah Natalie Webster, Justine Whitfield POETRY: Ruth Arnison, Wanda Barker, Owen Bullock, Nathaniel Calhoun, Medb Charleton, Ruth Corkill, Molly Crighton, Mark Edgecombe, David Eggleton, Summer Gooding, Michael Hall, Trevor Hayes, Jenna Heller, Bronte Heron, Hayley Rata Heyes, Zoë Higgins, Lily Holloway, Erik Kennedy, Megan Kitching, Wes Lee, Mary Macpherson, Frankie McMillan, Vana Manasiadis, Cilla McQueen, Rebecca Nash, Janet Newman, Claire Orchard, Robyn Maree Pickens, Hayden Pyke, Derek Schulz, Antonia Smith, Elizabeth Smither, Nicola Thorstensen, Richard von Sturmer, Sophia Wilson, E Wen Wong, Sebastien Woolf, Nicholas Wright FICTION: Joanna Cho, Olly Clifton, Isabel Haarhaus, Bree Huntley, Eileen Kennedy, Scott Menzies, Airana Ngarewa, James Pasley, Fergus Porteous, Anna Reed, J.D. Robertson REVIEW: Emma Gattey, Harry Ricketts, Jacinta Ruru, Tina Shaw, Stephen Stratford.

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