Franklin Writers Group Short Story Competition 2017 results

Judging comments.

Thanks to all those who entered, including non prize winners.  Without your support there would be no competition.

Thanks to the support of ‘E Local’ magazine we had a pleasing increase in local entries

There was a good range of subjects and writing styles, rather less of the errant husbands and revenge seeking wives than we’ve sometimes had.  Once again, the small number of junior entries was disappointing especially as those we did receive were of a high standard.

Winners were;

Adult Section.

1st place.  ‘A Rose For My Girl.’ By Anne Cleary.  Tauranga.

The theme of an old man and his carer might not seem very original but the writing is crisp, the characterisation particularly good and there is a great deal to be picked up ‘between the lines.’

2nd Place.  Of Pies And Other Stuff.’ By Vivienne Bailey.   Wellington.

A story of two contrasting characters, a motorist and a hitchhiker.  Very credible with good description.  Until well into the story we don’t know whether our main character is going to turn out a hero or a villain which maintains good tension.

‘3rd Place.  ‘This Is Your Hit.’ By  Laura Dunbar.   Hawkes Bay.

A futuristic story of a ‘TV. Reality Death Show.’ The writer does an excellent job of turning the unbelievable into a credible, entertaining and highly original story.

Highly commended.

Diana Duckworth of Tuakau for  ‘Love Via A Japanese Vine.’

Lynley Jones of Auckland   for ‘The Bracelet.’

Local prize.

1st.     ‘The River’  by John Fergusson.  Drury.

A charming , metaphorical story of a frog taking a leap of faith into the river of life.

2nd.   ‘You Wouldn’t read About It’ by Anne Chappell.  Waiuku.

A highly entertaining account of an unfortunate episode with the family pet. Let’s just say it is messy, smelly and none of us would want to go there.

Junior prize.

1st place.  The Turn Around Day.’   By Reese Van Der Haast. Whangaparoa.

A well written story of fitting in leap year’s extra day.  A great, original idea with good characterisation.

2nd place. ‘Scarlet Sister.’ By Michelle Kidd.  Pukekohe.

A graphic tale in the horror genre.  A well written, highly descriptive story and a particularly good title.


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