Joy Cowley in this not-to-be-missed NZSA Oral History Podcast episode

“…there was a year when the export of children’s books from this country was more than the export of wine…”

In the latest episode of the NZSA Oral History Podcast Season 3 we hear from Dame Joy Cowley.

Joy is one of New Zealand’s most loved and recognised authors, having published over six hundred titles for children and adults. Her Mrs Wishy-Washy series alone has sold over forty million copies worldwide. In her own quiet way Joy has been a longtime New Zealand Society of Authors member, and a supporter of authors in Aotearoa.

In 2015 Deborah Shepard interviewed Joy about the story behind her books and her insights into why and how children read.

Joy’s episode, and all in Season 3, are accompanied by a beautiful photo portrait of the writer taken by John McDermott, and hosted by New Zealand broadcaster, NZSA member and author Karyn Hay. Season 3 has been supported by a grant from The Southern Trust.

You can listen to Season 3 and 14 other episodes from writers  (both living and dead) from previous seasons on our websiteSoundcloudStitcher, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts (NZ Society of Authors).

Want to know more about the NZSA Oral History Podcast Series?  Read the NZ Herald article about the series on our website.

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