Māori stories and language at the heart of publisher’s 30-year succes


Māori book sales ‘booming’

New data shows that Kiwis are increasingly interested in books about te reo Māori and te ao Māori.

Huia Publishers has been a trailblazer for publishing for 30 years, committed to providing a platform for Māori voices and perspectives.

Robyn Bargh founded the business in 1991, when the publishers of the time weren’t producing the books she wanted to read, the books that spoke to her experience as Māori.

Since then, the Māori-led business has produced more than 1000 books in te reo Māori, and thousands more fiction and non-fiction titles written in English.

When Huia first began, books that highlighted Māori and te reo were seen as niche products, and not something that could sustain an industry. But times have changed. There’s a growing surge of interest in te reo, and an international interest in our indigenous stories.

Ngā Pūrākau Pakihi Māori
– Stories of Māori Business



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