Online internationals attempt to undermine NZ Bookshop Day

Read an article by Sarah Forster in Booksellers NZ THE READ.

On 25 October, Book Depository sent an email to NZ subscribers saying ‘Read The Top NZ Books of the Last Decade’.

I clicked through to find our NZ Bookshop Day promotional list, bar a few titles, and a strap line saying ‘we’ve compiled a list of most popular books in New Zealand.’ Two days before NZ Bookshop Day, when bookstores all over New Zealand were celebrating these titles, voted for by them from a Nielsen BookScan list, with displays, discounts and more.                                                                                                                                                                                       That is marketing calculated to harm bookshops on the one day that celebrates bricks and mortar. This made me mad. So, since then, I’ve been doing a little bit of research. I’m no hacker, and I’m only moderately good at reading tables, so I’m not going to go crazy on exposes or over-do the economic analysis. But I am going to set out a few facts, and with a little help from my bookselling friends, tell you about a few ways that we can counter these facts and get our customers in-store this Christmas.



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