The Newest Episode of the NZSA Oral History Podcast Features Elsie Locke

In the next episode of our NZSA Oral History Podcast Series we hear from Elsie Locke.  Elsie was a leader and writer for the New Zealand peace movement, living through almost the whole of the violent twentieth century.  But to most New Zealanders she is best known for her children’s writing – at one time almost every home in the country had a copy of her children’s novel, The Runaway Settlers.  At the age of 87 she sat down with Alison Gray to talk about her years as a writer.  

 New Zealand broadcaster, NZSA member and author Karyn Hay takes us into the interview as host of the NZSA Oral History Podcast Series.  Elsie died the year after this interview which remains a taonga to New Zealand about her life and work.  Her work as an activist for peace and social justice are as much a legacy for New Zealand as her writing.

You can listen to all Season Two episodes of the NZSA Oral History Podcast Series as they are released on our website, Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.  You can also use these links to listen to Season One episodes featuring Lauris Edmonds, Gordon McLauchlan, Dame Fiona Kidman, C.K. Stead, Kevin Ireland, Bernard Brown and Dame Christine Cole Catley.

Want to know more about the NZSA Oral History Podcast Series?  Read the NZ Herald article about the series on our website.

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